Pavement Marking

At Traffic Control Company, our Pavement Marking division collectively has over 300 years of experience within the striping industry!
We can provide pavement marking applications to include Waterborne Paint, Thermoplastics, Epoxy, Urethanes, Temporary & Permanent Tapes and Raised or Inlaid Reflective Pavement Markers.
For removals or surface preparation, we offer water blasting and truck grinding capabilities to scarify or eradicate any type of roadway or runway marking without causing harm to the surface.
All our Pavement Marking employees are OSHA and Traffic Control certified thru courses provided by ATSSA.

waterborne paint

We provide truck and hand paint applications for all roadway & parking lot surfaces which meet or exceed DOT standards and specifications. This also includes dripline for the layout of rumblestrips.

pavement marking removals

We offer both grinding and waterblasting to remove any type of pavement markings. The Grinding Truck operation can eradicate striping lines and pick up debris with its vacuum recovery system effectively and efficiently. Our Waterblasting operation is capable of removing markings at 40,000 PSI. Included with the unit is also a vacuum & reservoir system to contain waste.

preformed removable & permanent marking tapes / preformed thermoplastic

Traffic Control Company can provide any type of DOT specified tape and or preformed thermoplastic installations for inlay, grooved-in, and heat methods. We are also certified to provide and install Air-Mark material for airports.


Thermoplastic truck and hand application procedures for extrude & hot spray installations. This includes all layout and any surface preparation needed for the project.

plural components: epoxy, urethane, and mfua

Tuck and hand applications for two component epoxy, modified urethane, and mfua (modified polyacrylate) installations are provided from Traffic Control Company with our experienced field techs.

Snowplowable raised reflective pavement markers & IPM

RPM (Snowplowable Raised Reflective Pavement Marker) and IPM (Inlaid Pavement Marker) installation services are offered according to state DOT specifications.

curb reflectors / delineator posts / temporary overlay markers

Both sales and installation of curb reflectors, delineator posts, and toms.

pavement marking grooving

A multi head, progressive truck grooving system to provide inlaid pavement marking capability on any type of surface.

Rumble Strips

Traffic Control Company can provide any project in need of shoulder and center line rumble strips. This includes layout and vacuum recovery of debris.