Traffic Control

Traffic Control Company offers service 24 hours a day with the ability to cover ALL of your traffic control needs.
We can handle anything from a detour to a full interstate closure.
All of our traffic employees are Traffic Control Technician and Flagger certified by ATSSA.

Lane & Road Closures

Restricting traffic down to lesser lanes to allow safe passage through a construction zone. Could be a single closure up to a triple closure on a major thoroughfare. The ability to close any road or interstate via setting a closure with an alternate route or a predetermined detour route for the motorist.

Flagging Operations

Our crews can direct motorist via flagging from either a two lane road to roads with intersections. They direct traffic using a single lane around a worksite. Services Include single flagger, two flagger, pilot car, night flagging, one-direction flagging, and emergency flagging operations.


We provide sweeping services to businesses, contractors, and municipalities. From on-call hourly sweeping to establishing sweeper service on a contract basis, Traffic Control Company offers dependable, value oriented street sweeping and parking lot sweeping solutions. Sweeping for all conditions including but not limited to sweep milling, trash, debris, wet or dry.

Permanent Sign Installations

Traffic Control Company is fully equipped to install road signs for local, city, county and state government as well as business and residential customers.

Plastic Barrier Wall

Traffic Control Company offers Water-fillable Plastic Barrier Wall. This 100 lb wall can easily be transferred and moved around any project. The maximum capacity filled is 50 gallons/500 lbs and rated for traffic speeds up to 45 MPH. Our Plastic Barrier is great for parking lots, roads, and event use.

Snow Plowing

We have the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure your snow removal needs are met to the highest standards.

Designing of Traffic Control Plans

Our Production Managers have the ability to create a job specific plan based on your job needs. Any traffic situation can be addressed with a traffic plan. This provides our customers with the ability to see the work that we will complete.