Ideal for Work Zones where daily installation and removal is required.

RoadQuake 2F TPRS Features:

  • Meets Section 6F.87 of the MUTCD, 2009 Edition.
  • Generates the same level of sound and vibration as milled strips.
  • For posted speed limits up to 80 mph and temperatures from 0° to 180° F.
  • 13" W x 3/4" H x 132" L, when unfolded. Covers an entire lane.
  • Folds to a compact 66" length. Weighs 110 lbs.
  • Ergonomic handles make installation and storage easy. Non-slip textured surface helps to keep RoadQuake 2F TPRS in place.
  • Bevels on both sides take the guess-work out of installation.
  • Hinge links meet ANSI Standard for master chain link, size 60-2.

Deployment and removal of an array can be a one person job using the RoadQuake 2F CRIB® Cargo Carrier.

CRIB is a fully integrated cargo carrier designed specifically for the safe transport, deployment, removal, storage, and safekeeping of RoadQuake® 2F TPRS. CRIB Carrier comes in three sizes; CRIB-6 holds six RQ 2F TPRS, CRIB-9 holds nine RQ 2F TPRS and CRIB-12 holds twelve RQ 2F TPRS. Each CRIB carries a multiple of three strips, enough for the deployment and retrieval of up to four, three-strip arrays.

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